Nox Virtus

When high school senior Roy Lions’ life takes a drastic, dark turn in a helpless instant, he sets off to do the only thing he’s known he wants to do with his life. Its a stressful, constant trek into the perilous unknown for Roy as he molds himself into the most impossible thing to be in the real world: a super hero.

Worlds for Throng

Just-graduated journalist major Timothy Crowling is assigned his first story and heads into it eagerly, unaware of the pawn-like position he’s been forced into as part of one of the grandest schemes humanity’s ever attempted: five prestigious individuals assigned to save Earth from an incoming meteor decide humanity is already a dead race. Desperate to free themselves from it, they develop a synthetic planet with the intent of shuttling the good men and women of the world there to restart humanity. The five all have different ideas of how this Utopia should run, and those clashing ideas quickly turn to factions. In essence, it’s a caricature on where we’re headed, why, and how to stop it.